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Privacy Policy

Uygur's Commitments

  • Customer information received through the Order Form or Membership / Subscription Form is processed and stored in the Uygur system. Personal customer information is only used for specified, explicit and legitimate purposes and is not stored for longer than necessary.
  • The customer has the right to access, change, block or delete this stored information. Such requests must be delivered via the application via User Transactions, My Information Menu or by mail / fax.
  • Uygur does not distribute its customers' personal information, including company (or residence) addresses and e-mail addresses, to third parties.
  • Uygur can record the identity information of the computer connected to the system, internet IP address, physical location of this IP address, user name, connection time and similar information and use this information to check that there is no license violation. In case of disagreement, Uygur's log records will serve as evidence in legal authorities.


Customer Obligations

  • The data on the website cannot be copied or distributed without the authorization of Uygur. This includes transferring data to another electronic or physical medium (paper, etc.).
  • The customer can only use the data for his own commercial activities. Providing, distributing, copying or republishing this data on the web and / or on paper and / or on any data carrier electronic media without the consent of Uygur is strictly it is forbidden.
  • Uygur reserves the right to compensate the damages of the customer arising from failure to comply with this agreement.
  • Konya Courts and enforcement offices are authorized in accordance with the agreement clauses or in other disputes between Uygur and customers. However, Uygur has the right to apply to the courts in the place of residence of its client.















Uygur's commitments

  • The connections you make to the pages where company information / personal information / credit card information is entered are protected by the industry-accepted standard 128-bit SSL Certificate.
  • Your credit card information is not stored after payment approval is obtained for your online payments by credit card.
  • For payments made with the mail-order form, a signed copy of the form is sent to Uygur, and is physically stored for the period stipulated by banks and legislation. At the end of this period, they are destroyed by safe roads.


Customer Obligations

  • It accepts and undertakes to enter credit card information from a computer with all generally accepted security measures.
  • If he is not sure about the definition of a secure computer and connection, or if he does not know whether the computer he will operate on fulfills these requirements, obtain information about it from official (for example BTK) and / or private institutions (such as banks) and remove security gaps, if any, and credit card until you eliminate them. It is the customer's responsibility not to enter information into the system.
  • In spite of all these, if it is thought that an unsafe transaction has been made, it is the customer's responsibility to contact the credit card issuing bank without wasting any time and take the necessary measures.



  • Despite all the security measures and efforts taken by both Uyghur and the customer, malicious third parties may illegally intervene in private communication and abuse personal or financial information that they may collect from the website or from the link between the website and the client computer. Therefore, although Uyghur attaches importance to privacy and takes all the security measures accepted in the industry, it cannot guarantee that your personal and financial information will remain confidential under all circumstances. In particular, in the event that the credit card information of the customer is obtained by third parties and material damage is incurred, the customer agrees and undertakes in advance that Uygur will not be able to claim any material and moral compensation or claim receivables.